Dec 19, 2007

Your Tax Debt and Christmas- Santa and the IRS

Merry Christmas to all!

Just some insight on the IRS and Christmas time. We have just completed a parody on the IRS and Santa on youtube. If you have ever been audited or owe tax- you will know how Santa feels in this video. Follow the link to watch the is hilarious.

The IRS has not held off its efforts during this time of year with one exception: the wage levy. Traditionally, the IRS has a wage levy moratorium from the middle of December until the beginning of the New Year. This is kindler and gentler. However, if you have a levy in place or in (wage or bank), it will not be released until resolution is completed.

So, Merry Christmas to you and those of you that may think they are going to get a wage levy on Christmas Day. If you have any questions please e-mail us or visit a competent tax professional.

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