Jan 24, 2008

IRS Enforcement Statistics are out! Audits...audits and audits...

The latest enforcement data is out from the IRS. It appears they are wanting to show how they are doing more with the same level of personnel. Effectively, the IRS has not increased their enforcement personnel (Revenue Officers, Revenue Agents and Special Agents). In fact the net increase of these personnel is from 21,185 in 2006 ro 21,187 in 2007- a net increase of "2". So much from IRS stepping up of personnel.

However, the IRS is hiring- the delay by Congress and President Bush in passing legislation to fund the Government (and the IRS) is over. The IRS is back to hiring.

The IRS is clearly emphasizing in their news release on the enforcement data increases in audits- they are attempting to close the tax gap.

More on this later- if you are under IRS pressure, consult a tax professional that will give you peace of mind.

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