Jan 27, 2008

Which Tax Software is best to prepare your 2007 tax return?

There are many programs that you can utilize for filing and electonic submission of your tax returns. In fact, the IRS does not endorse any one program. I do not either. Most of the market share in self-preparation is with TurboTax- an Intuit product. Mostly, it depends on your level of tax expertise. Most programs offer an "interview" to walk you through the program. However, I have seen many examples of this interview gone wrong. And the results are erroneous returns.

I use ATX (a CCH product) but I do not recommend it if you are just doing it your own return. First, it is cost prohibitive and second, it is not user friendly to a non tax-professional.

However, I stress that if you have any deductions or income omission issues, that you utilize a tax professional.

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