Jan 27, 2008

Who is ultimately responsible for your tax return that you file?

I think all of you know the answer to this: you are. In fact, the IRS reminds you of this in selecting a tax preparer. Hence, you should be wise to review your return for errors and omissions before you sign it. Also, beware of unscrupulous preparers that will "promise" you a high refund.

Remember, a paid preparer must sign the tax return. Also, a diligent preparer will ask the right questions before finalizing your returns. On-line tax preparation services try to divorce themselves from ownership in your tax returns- and they should be avoided. In fact, some are scams and could steal your identity as tax returns have most of what is needed for identity theft.

It is best to get a reputable company who prepares many returns and is knowledgable on tax preparation.

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