Feb 10, 2008

Identity Theft and your taxes: Part 4 of 4: What to do!!

What to do if you have an identity theft tax issue

- Contact the IRS immediately- the contact information on your audit letter or CP 2000 will tell you who to contact
- Get a copy of what has been reported to the IRS under your social security number (i.e. your “IRP document”)
- Review the document for discrepancies and contact the employers/contractors/payors for a correction to their Forms- make sure they notify the IRS
- If you cannot get the payor to correct the form, show proof that this income could not be yours: bank statements, police report, proof of identity theft in other areas (credit cards, etc.), and affidavits from your employer stating where you worked- and the timesheets
- Consider changing your social security number if the SSA permits
- Contact the Federal Trade Commission and file a complaint, use this as evidence for your tax problem
- Report the tax fraud to the IRS immediately after you have discovered it

Ultimately, you may want to contact a tax professional that knows how to work within the IRS system to resolve your problem. Resolving tax disputes is a time-consuming process that can cause a lot of pain and suffering- especially if you do not anticipate what could happen to you.

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