Feb 1, 2008

State of Virginia Tax Information

QUESTION: My wife just got a letter yesterday from a collection agency in California for income taxes they say she owes from 1991. Thats over 16 years ago. Can they really do that after 16 years? There is no way she or for that fact anyone can prove them wrong. Do you know anything about Virginia tax law or perhaps you could direct me to information or someone that could help. I'm 59 and she is 54 we're not kids and we don't have the resources to get help. Anything you could provide would be appreciated. We live in West Virginia.

ANSWER: Thanks for your question! Generally, the state of California has 20 years from the date the tax is assessed (that is, when the return is filed) to collect. So it sounds like your wife's liability is still subject to collection efforts. Log onto www.ftb.ca.gov to find out more information on this and other California tax matters.
For good information about state of Virginia taxes, visit www.tax.virginia.gov. This is the best source for information. You can also visit or call your local Department of Taxation office for help.

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Anonymous,  March 8, 2008 at 9:52 PM  

I received a phone call with the same situation and threats of liens on my personal property. Who can help to find the information to clear my name? Can I receive documents from the state regarding the taxes paid on my behalf by the corporations I worked for. It seems unfair that I have to pay state taxes twice because the state says I did not file a return 14 years later. Is the state of VA that desperate for money?

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