Mar 5, 2008

Got an IRS Letter in the mail- don't worry it is for the 2008 tax rebate

The IRS is sending letters to about 130 million or so taxpayers to remind them to file (and file early) this year in order to get the 2008 tax stimulus rebate. Remember, you must file in order to receive the rebate. These letters are going out to those who filed a tax return last year. Also, there is discussion that the Social Security Administration will be sending letters to recipients of social security to urge them to file to get the rebate.

Often, people ignore the IRS letters in perceiving that any news from the IRS is bad news. However, in this case it is just a reminder- in any case, ignoring any IRS letter can be bad for your financial health. Not responding to an IRS letter can mean additional assessments or enforced collection activity.

If you have any questions about your IRS correspondence, you should consult a tax professional that is familar with IRS correspondence, its meaning and the intent of the letter. This professional can help you anticipate what will happen next and the actions to take to avoid additional tax or enforced collections.

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About IRS Mind March 8, 2008 at 9:18 AM  

The IRS has also spent about $42 million to send out these letters!!


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