Mar 18, 2008

Q & A: Claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit

QUESTION: What if you can't supply to requested documentation for the EITC examination process? Can you just call and let them know? And have them process your return without a dependent?

ANSWER: In order to claim the Earned Income Tax Credit, taxpayers must provide valid Social Security numbers (or Taxpayer Identification numbers) for all eligible dependents. Failure to provide the required documentation causes a "mathematical error" on the tax return submitted. Processing of the return is halted and the taxpayer is given an opportunity to correct the problem. If the problem isn't resolved, the dependents are disallowed on the tax return and it is processed accordingly.
Additionally, a married person living apart from a spouse need not file a joint tax return to claim the EITC. Taxpayers with qualifying children should file Form EIC with Forms 1040 or 1040A. Taxpayers with no qualifying children can use Form 1040EZ to determine if they are eligible to claim some EITC.

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