Jul 7, 2008

The $42 Million Dollar "Heads Up"

One thing is for sure, our government is consistent in its brilliance or lack there of.

On July 1st of last week I received a letter from the IRS informing me that my Economic Stimulus check would arrive no later than July 5th. While I was relieved to know that the check was now on it's way, I was a bit dumbfounded that the IRS would send me a letter just to inform me of this, especially this late and especially since there was already an abundant amount of information available to the public to inform someone like me of when to expect the check.

What is even more shocking, is what this "heads up" cost the US taxpayer. I bet $42 Million didn't come to mind! That's right, according to the Associated Press article "Dear Taxpayer: This Letter Cost you $42 Million" , the IRS shelled out $42 million dollars to send out letters informing people they would receive their stimulus check in the next few days. Brilliant!
I wonder how many Revenue Officers or Revenue Agents could have been hired with $42,000,000?

There is at least one senator who shares the same view according to the articles.

"There are countless better uses for $42 million than a self-congratulatory mailer that gives the president a pat on the back for an idea that wasn't even his," Sen. Charles Schumer said Friday, arguing the IRS could more effectively spend the money to catch tax cheats."

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