Jul 3, 2008

More on the Economic Stimulus Rebate

The time period for mailing the 2008 Stimulus Rebate to eligible taxpayers who filed 2007 tax returns by April 15 is soon to come to an end. The IRS schedule for mailing the final rebates is mid-July. If you have filed your 2007 return since 4/15, you will receive your rebate check some time after the tax return has been processed. Also, as long as you file a return by the October 15 filing deadline for extensions, you should receive the rebate check by December 31.

If you are wondering (and crossing your fingers) when your check is scheduled to be mailed by the IRS, go to the IRS web site http://www.irs.gov. There you will see the link to the Stimulus Rebate Payment Center. At that page, you will find an underlined link for Where's My Stimulus Payment? Click this link and go to the Where's My Stimulus Payment? page. On this page, click a similarly named underlined link. At this page, simply enter the required information from your 2007 tax return and, voila!, the scheduled date for receipt of your check should be given. If there is a problem with your rebate, there should be telephone number referenced that you call to resolve the problem issue.

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