Jul 27, 2008

Q & A: Stimulus Rebate Problem Case

QUESTION: I was given your email by a friend. I'm having some trouble with my father in-law's return and stimulus check. There seems to have been some error in filing originally. He may have incorrectly written his name or Social Security Number. Now the IRS has sent him a letter informing him his SSN is invalid. But the next step is unclear. Should he resend his tax return form? Or is there a different form to deal with this?

ANSWER: Thanks for your question. The best solution for your dilemma is to make a photocopy of your father-in-law's Social Security card and call the IRS at the telephone number listed on the letter that he received. The IRS representative that you reach should give you instructions on how to either 1) fax the copy of the card or 2) mail the copy to the IRS. Tax returns containing taxpayer names or SSN's that do not match Social Security Administration records are typically delayed in processing until the error is corrected.
You may also call the general IRS customer service line at 800-829-1040 for assistance if you wish.

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