Jan 25, 2009

IRS Relief Forthcoming- many think so...

Many news organizations are reporting on IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman's promise of a kindler, gentler IRS. Shulman's phone press conference and press release dictate new measures that the IRS is taking to relieve your tax debt pain. The IRS National Taxpayer Advocate also urged relief to those facing distressing times. And they both have the eyes of the press.

Here are some of these reports:

The Augusta, GA Chronicle

The Kankakee, IL Daily Journal


The Dunkirk, NY Observer

The Hartford, CT Courant

The Baltimore, MD Sun

NPR's Marketplace

The Flint, MI Journal

The IRS is also promoting filing your tax return early to recieve your refund or to recover your stimulus payment for last year as a means to achieve financial relief.

It goes without saying, these are hard times. They are also hard times for the government also. In fact, the government debt is at a all time high. Do you catch the contradiction here? Major media outlets are reporting the IRS phone conferences and press releases as if they were fact. Beware of the wolf in sheeps clothing, as the wolf still needs to feed his belly- now more than ever...

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