Jan 26, 2009

Need a copy of your tax return- Form 4506 or use two other faster methods

You need a copy of your tax return for many things:

1. Obtaining a bank loan
2. Applying for Financial Aid
3. In divorce or support proceedings
4. To prepare your current year's tax return
5. Prove your income allocations to your State
6. To prepare for an IRS audit

However, you may have already disposed of it. If you need an copy, the most expeditious way is to request a copy from the person who prepared the return.

A second method is to call the IRS or go to one its Taxpayer Service Locations and ask for a "Return Transcript." A return transcript is digital printout of most items on your return. However, it is available only for the past three years.

The last method, and slowest of them all, is to request a copy via a Form 4506. This process takes about 2 months. If the return is over 3 years old, you may never retreive it as the IRS may have destroyed it.

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