Mar 26, 2009

Don't have last year's Form W-2? Here's what to do:

Okay, so you haven't filed last year's return or you have several years of unfiled returns and you have finally decided to get them filed. However, you don't have your Forms W-2 and/or Forms 1099. Don't despair, you can request them from the IRS.

The IRS keeps a database of your reported income information. These are called your IRP files, which stands for Income Reported from Payee. The IRS keeps this information for each individual tax year for all taxpayers who had reported income.

Each IRP file will list all of your income sources for that year, whether it is Form W-2 income, Form 1099 income, mortgage interest, retirement account distributions, stock transactions and even student loan interest and tuition payments. The IRS will have all of it!

There is one catch though. If you had W-2 income and had state tax withholdings, your IRP will not tell you what your state tax withholding amounts are. The IRS does not keep track of that information and unfortunately most states that have a state income tax do not keep track of it either. So you might have to go back to your employer you worked for that year and request a copy of your Form W-2 from them.

The few states that keep an IRP database like the IRS are...
1. California
2. Minnesota
3. Michigan
4. Louisiana
5. Georgia
6. New York
7. West Virginia
8. Pennsylvania
9. Maryland
10. Delaware

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