Oct 22, 2010

Don't Fear the IRS - Thanks for calling me out on this one....

Recently, I received a comment from a reader who stated (and I paraphrase), "Don't scare me and don't always send me to an accountant to fix a problem."

The reader was anonymous - and the reader was correct. So, first, let me apologize to "anonymous" and to any other of my readers who does not feel empowered information on this website. To "anonymous"- again, I apologize profusely - this blog is meant to empower you. Specifically, the site is meant to do two things:

1. Empower consumers to solve their IRS problems through knowledge of how to fix specific problems, and
2. Equip taxpayers to solve their own problems with practical advice and helpful information

"Anonymous" was spot on in their comment. And I thank you for calling me out on it. Most people can solve their own tax problems themselves - and sometimes you just need some help. I hope IRSMind can help you or point you in the right direction to someone who can help you.

And thanks to all of you who have taken me up on the free Offer in Compromise help. I have benefited from providing this help by learning that people can solve their problems themselves, with a little help from a friend.

My offer still stands as well as if you have a problem you can always just ask for some help at IRSMind@gmail.com

Thanks again "anonymous" for calling me out - I hope I can help you in some way in the future.

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